Visi įmanomi pasauliai: geografinių įdėjų istorija (G. J. Martin, Oxford University Press)

All Possible Worlds: A History of Geographical Ideas
4-tasis leidimas (2005)
Geoffrey J. Martin

Klasikinis vadovėlis apie geografinio mąstymo raidą – apimantis klasikinį ir modernų geografijos periodus skirtingose pasaulio šalyse.   

After thirty-odd years, All Possible Worlds remains without peer: a uniquely valuable treasure for anyone curious about the evolution of geographic thought and achievement throughout the world from ancient times to a troubled present. Perhaps what is most remarkable about this chronicle is the judicious manner with which the author deals with endlessly contentious philosophies and methodologies. We have here an essential item for the library of every serious geographer.”–Wilbur Zelinsky, The Pennsylvania State University