IGC2012 konfencijos plenariniai pranešimai GYVAI! Nuo Rugpjūčio 27 d.

Pirmadienis, „Society and Environment“
11:45 Klaus Töpfer (Former Federal Minister of Environmental Affairs and Former Director of UNEP)
„On the way to the Anthropocene. Consequences for scientific research, societal understanding and
political responsibility“
12:30 Anne Buttimer (Geographer, IGU Past President, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland)
„Diverse perspectives on society and environment: retrospect and prospect“

Antradienis, „Urbanisation and Demographic Change“
11:45 Martin Lees (Former Secretary General, Club of Rome)
„Demographic change and urbanisation within the boundaries of a fragile planet“
12:30 Surinder Aggarwal (Geographer, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India)
„Emerging global urban order and challenges for harmonious urban development“

Trečiadienis, „Global Change and Globalisation“
11:45 Eduardo de Mulder (Initiator and Executive Director of the UN International Year of Planet Earth)
„Global planetary change and human globalization“
12:30 Bruno Messerli (Geographer, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland)
„Global change and globalisation – challenges for Geography“

Ketvirtadienis, „Risks and Conflicts“
11:45 Alexander J. Müller (Assistant Director General at FAO, Rome, Italy)
„Risk and conflicts“
12:30 Derek Gregory (Geographer, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)
„Deadly embrace: war, distance and intimacy“

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