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Svetainė „” pateikia aktualiasias naujienas, informaciją ir ekspertų analizes apie pasaulio sprendimų priėmimo procese apibrėžtus naujus visuotinius tikslus skurdo mažinimui, įgyvendinant tvarų vystymąsi, vadinamąją 2015 m. darbotvarkę.

SDGs focus areas: Stakeholder proposals for goals and targets

International Social Science Council, along with 16 other global partners, has produced the SDGs focus areas: Stakeholder proposals for goals and targets.It is hoped that this synthesis will be a useful resource for the members of the UN Open Working Group on SDGs and other stakeholders involved in the process of designing goals and targets for the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

The report is accessible through the icons below. Each icon will direct you to a summary of the targets and indicators related to the respective focus area:

For more information: