Šiaurės geografų susitikimas Estijoje (Tartu)

Šiaurės geografų susitikimas (The Nordic Geographers Meeting (NGM)) – tai tarptautinė geografų konferencija, vykstanti kas dvejus metus vienoje iš šiaurės šalių. 6-asis susitikimas pirmą kartą vyks Estijoje (Taline ir Tartu) 2015 m. birželio 15-19 dienomis. Daugiau informacijos prisegtuke.

The Nordic Geographers Meeting (NGM) is an international geography conference held in every second year in one of the Nordic Countries and now, for the first time, in Estonia. The 6th Meeting will be held in Tallinn and Tartu on 15-19 June 2015. The conference has grown into a significant and multi-faceted arena for geographers to meet and discuss their research, as well as for fostering cross-disciplinary connections.

The conference theme for the 2015 meeting is Geographical Imagination: Interpretations of Nature, Art and Politics. Under this broad heading nearly forty sessions are listed on the conference website (http://www.tlu.ee/en/NGM2015/Conference-information/List-of-sessions), covering a variety of more specific topics. Panels and workshops will be organised with invited speakers, if you are interested in participating in any listed in the category of Panels, please contact its organisers directly. There has been keen interest in the theme of teaching geography (at all levels from schools to postgraduate studies) and in the future of geography more generally, including discussing the role of geographical societies, publishing, local community involvement and Nordic (and beyond) networking. Feel free to contact the LAC if you are interested in these themes and willing to contribute organising additional pre-conference events.

The abstract submission form (for 200 word abstracts) is now being tested and fully functional in a few days, thank you in advance for your patience and for using the standard form only. The deadline for submitting an abstract is 15 November 2014. You will be notified of the outcome in early December 2014 when registration for the conference also opens. More information will increasingly be available on the webpage (click on Conference information in the left corner of the webpage where a menu then opens). Questions can also be directed to ngm2015@tlu.ee.

Please also feel free to circulate this call in your professional networks!

The 2015 Local Arrangements Committee (LAC)
Mihkel Kangur, President of the Estonian Geographical Society, Tallinn University

Taavi Pae, University of Tartu

Tiina Peil, Tallinn University

Kalev Sepp, Estonian University of Life Sciences